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My involvement with RV projects as a volunteer in Bulgaria provided an experience of working as part of a team to produce work for a worthy cause. My all round experience has been rewarding and insightful which has given me confidence in delivering projects to a wider community. I have moved on from this as an Art student, developing work to hopefully exhibit one day. I can honestly say that with volunteering you gain new skills and it provides an important role in making something positive happen for someone else ....Zen Wynn


Hello, I'm Fidan – that’s for people who don’t know me-). There were three project done partnership with the RV Projects. I had been in all of this projects voluntarily. In each of the projects I have made different and valuable friendships and experiences’ have been in an EVS project too. To be honest , my EvS project was not as much fun as those projects. All my friends who I met in those projects "I miss you so much and you must back your house" .....Fidan Akyüz


My name is Susan Backhouse i went on the living and working abroad programme with the Blackburn YMCA last year where we went to Bulgaria two a little town called Razlog. This was the most amazing thing i ever got to do in my life. before we went me and a couple of my friends went in more depth and researched about the country and tried to learn a lot more about the background of the country and the way it is run. When we out in Bulgaria we got to see a total different way of living to what we do in the UK. The new skills i developed while on the programme on the programme was that i got a change to learn a different language which was really good i still know some of the phrases now. i got a chance to get some experience on my qulaficail i did when i left school as i am fully qualafical painter and decorator and what’s what we did when we was out there. i got a chance to learn how to work as a team better and i got a chance to learn some leadership skill which i really enjoyed and did really well at which lead do know what i wanted to do which is run my own business which i am awaiting starting my next course with the prince's trust programme. My Personal development has developed by i have become more confident was different people and their different ways of thinking i have learn how to take different people opinions when working as a group. As well as that i learn how lucky are in this country compared to others. This experience affected my future career and life choices because i before i went on this programme last year i was only interested in getting drunk and take drugs and all looking where the next party is at but now i don’t really drink and i don’t take drugs i waiting at a course on the prince’s trust programme to start my own business. have already told others there should do it because i is a once in alive last opportunity which will chance your life for best.

Susan’s Team was the first RV Projects, Bhagavat Educational Trust Team to receive a Nationally recognized Qualification.


I enjoyed my time in Romania when I went in November 2011 with Amee Danielle Bonar, Nicole Barker, Danielle Eastham and Yasmin Sabbah. I really enjoyed drawing the disney pictures on the walls and painting them. This was an experince i I will never forget and if I get the chance to do it again I will certainly take it.



"Each of our lives is a story. This can be a part of our story. You will meet some good people, and you may meet people who piss you off, push your buttons and bring out the worst in you. You will definitely meet people who bring out the best in you! You will make friends who will stick with you (unless you're pro Jedward/Beiber/Donny Osmand quartet, maybe... *vomits*) "In the end, I'll just say this: It's like a free lottery ticket. You can't really lose, and you might well win. ...Just try not to interrupt anything as I did ."



Hello everyone, my name is Jason and I have been a team member for RV Projects. My experience of RV Projects has been great and one that I won’t forget. Before I started, I was a quiet and shy person. In group discussions, I would usually be the one who let the others talk. When meeting people, I would introduce myself and then keep quiet. Taking part in projects has dramatically improved my confidence, and I now find it a lot easier to talk to people. I’m able to talk to people without feeling nervous. This experience has given me the opportunity to do things I never would have, and go to places I had no intention of going to. I’ve met some great people and built up some great friendships. It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you are working at a project at a kindergarten. You see the young children and their reactions to your artworks are great. I think that when you see them smile like that, it lets you know that you are making a difference. I feel like I owe a lot to RV Projects. Because of the confidence I’ve gained, and the experiences I’ve had, I’ve been accepted to volunteer at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to talk about much in my interview for it. For all those wanting to take part in future projects, I say go for it. It’s a life changing experience and one that you will never forget.


"Volunteering is highly beneficial on personal, practical and professional levels; it can also help those looking for paid work. If asked would we do it again, everyone on the team said yes." <>


"I have now got lots of experience, I loved doing the paintings and look on the kids faces. I loved playing with the kids outside, I felt upset leaving them. I think I’ve learnt a lot on this course, I would recommend it to people”. <>


“You get a good qualification from completing the portfolio, you get to go abroad and help an underprivileged community and meet new people.”<>


“Although there was many ups and downs, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I would recommend it to anybody. You get to meet great people, do great things and have a great time”.


The work is rewarding even if at times it may seem hard, overall it’s self-growing experience”.


“Even though I was disappointed about not going abroad, the overall experience was really good.” (Emma's passport didn't arrive in time and we hope to put her on a future project, we did she went to Iceland)


“It’s hard work and there’s a lot of paperwork but it is worthwhile seeing the children’s faces at the end”.


“My favourite part was free time you get to spend with new friends and the sense of reward you feel from completing the project, I would definitely do it again and if you’re thinking about doing a project, it’s a great experience and you will enjoy, most likely, every minute”.


“I have a renewed sense of ‘get up and go’ with my own life. I’m thinking of volunteering over Christmas and continuing to find work helping others next year and for the rest of my life… Once you’ve experienced first hand those worse off than yourself, you can’t just forget, it stays with you, it makes you appreciative, it makes you mad, it makes you sad, it drives you, it inspires you, and that’s where all kinds of growth and change begins”.

Thanks to the volunteers

Cristina, volunteers co-ordinator for Progress Foundation

“I really appreciate the effort of all the young people involved in the project, their devotion and their wish to carry on doing the project with its ups and downs. It was a pleasure to work with them, some I already knew, others were new, but as usual we manage to establish a connection and even friendship. The feedback from the parents whose children learn at the kindergarten was very positive and they asked me to say thank you very much for the wonderful job. Hope to see you soon and hope this project will help you in your personal development.”