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Progress Foundation Exchange Programme

RV Projects, Progress Foundation and Bolton at Home

Exchange of experience in England

From March 2 to 11, 2012, Progress Foundation volunteers were left in Bolton, England to carry out a community project supported by the organization Bolton at Home. This project would not have done without the support of VR projects, partners for nearly a year, who organized the necessary to make the most of our stay.

The main goal was to arouse the interest Bistrita youth volunteer and engage in the European community. Thus, Progress Foundation volunteers were placed in the English skin from end March 2011 have done amazing things for our community, renovating a number of kindergartens.

In addition to community work, the 12 Bistrita had the chance to learn new things about British culture, about their way of life and their way of being. We were surprised that they are very hospitable and very friendly. Among them we felt at home and thank them for that.

Since my experience in Bolton was above our expectations, no team. 1, named after experiences Funny The Pigeons (birds) and consists of: Julia Cihărean, Cristina Hanga, Hanga Toader, Russian Julius Andrada Poenar, Anton Nagy, Andrei dodecyltin, Bob Paul, Julia Miches, Luminita Talos, Mihaela Shot and Neamt river, tried to express in words what this project was to them, as follows:

Although time spent in Bolton was one small, only 10 days, accumulated knowledge base is huge. Thanks to our friends in the RV Projects, I had the chance to visit places that I thought will not ever see them as Hindu temple, mosque, Essa Academy, I noticed how the English live and work and I appreciate that most they are united in diversity, we tasted the various dishes, but I appreciate more soups mother.

I went out with great worry, because I had big responsibilities but our team made ​​it easier to look more fun and beautiful. Thank you all!!

(Cristina Hanga)

Participation in this project gave me the chance to discover new things about English, the working style to lifestyle. At the same time, I discovered something important about myself like that I love to travel and that I would like to participate in such projects more often. This pleasant experience has linked and new friends ignore nationality, color or distance.

(Todi Hanga)

Life can not be described only in black and white ... sometimes pink. This is the color that characterized our project, a variety of activities and also unexpectedly spicy food types. Experience with Bolton at Home was a constructive and interesting. Group of volunteers realized how important is the appreciation of the country where you come, the home town and everything around you. So, "Pigeons" are very proud of you! CONGRATULATIONS!

(Julia Cihărean)

Whether you admit it or not, we live in a world of barriers be they cultural, religious, educational, social or family barriers that often obstruct our thoughts, feelings or opinions often causing us to fall into an abyss of fear Again, the unknown. Due to special efforts made ​​by members of the Foundation Progress on RV AND Projects AND I had the chance to learn how to overcome these barriers is meeting people so different in their style t i t life, physiognomy, color, people with AND I managed it to form a family as diverse cultural, religious, educational level ţ but so united, based on trust, shared ş ş output and interpersonal communication. It is a real privilege to see how once overcome all these barriers fictitious ş knives can see closely the world around you without having to judge the individual next to you as an obstacle, but on the contrary it accepts this as a key what i t i will open a myriad of answers to your questions about the unknown. It's just an opinion, a feeling, a thought ... about what happened in Bolton in 2012!

(Anton Nagy)

The first feeling I had when I arrived, was enthusiasm for new, mixed with accumulated fatigue from the road. I felt I wait a full week and began to overwhelm me nervous because I did not know what will happen, if everything was in suspense. The project was changed at the last minute, so I said "this week will be a real adventure", and why not, can experience life as it was. Of course things did not happen chaotically. Everything was prepared and planned by dinaninte, after a program that would follow him in a week. Actual work I started on Monday. And to understand better, I gave a helping hand to their community in carpentry, built, clean, changing light bulbs, Stapler and other minor repairs to various houses in Bolton. This project has included four days, during which I experienced a bit of British life in the workforce. Going from one house to another I was able to see much of the town of Bolton. I liked very much. There was nothing difficult, on the contrary, it was fun, I know new places, different people trained in different fields, with strengths and weaknesses, which worked surprisingly relaxed and always had the feeling that they well and carefree. And as you know every country has its dark sides in Bolton was impressed too negative number of packaging thrown away .....

And although our life is different from theirs, in that their standard of living, have a multicultural society, a united community and a better education system in place, sentimetul of belonging to a group of social need , desire to know people and cultures we found it on both sides. This I understand and I liked the most, because it is human nature, regardless of class, race, age and sex.

Thanks to everyone who gave me the chance to have an experience unique and unforgettable.

(Luminita Talos)

If we think of being a pigeon above the world is beautiful and the pictures are superb. but now I want to descend down to earth and tell you that for me was a life experience from which I learned a lot, laughed a lot, I cuoscut people :) flour, saw new places and did things for the first time (flight by plane).
That said, I will multmesc team leaders and Iulia Cristina for making all this possible.

(Dodecyltin Andrei)

First I want to thank the Progress Foundation activities were carried beautiful lately, with a wonderful team of volunteers. Exchange of experience in England was a success from all points of view: I met many wonderful people, many beautiful places, I participated in all activities with beautiful RV team of volunteers from Projects. I felt super good around all the volunteers, both Romanian and English and look forward to the arrival of the British volunarilor Bistrita town to show our small but nice and our traditional food so much desired by them. In the future I want has also worked with British volunteers and if you have the chance to go to England I would go with her most dearly!

(Raul Neamt)

Experience for me in England is certainly the only one who helped me first to improve my English skills, while having the opportunity to work with great people that I will definitely try to work and keep in touch and in other projects. Although language is what differentiate us from each other, certainly wish to volunteer and good humor that was always with us, were very similar to some of the many things we have made. Progress Foundation Thanks, that gave me the chance to know another culture, other people, but also to volunteer in an environment different from that experienced by me so far and also thank them and those of us RV Projects supported and have been with us throughout these 10 days. It certainly was an unforgettable experience that broadened my group of friends, hoping that we will come back to them and at other projects! I got to understand better what volunteering means and tried together with my colleagues to do everything for the project to be a success! With love (Pigeon) July Miches :))

(Julia Miches)

For me it was a unique experience, as was first outside the United States and my first flight. With this project I learned what life in the famous Kingdom of Great Britain, as people, such as work and fun.

We met friendly people, both where I work but also leisure. Most liked to go with Greg and Julia M. electrician from house to house to solve problems related to this field.

I had the pleasure to taste the foods and beverages English. I felt good that all who took part in this trip we got along very well and we enjoyed every moment spent together.

I want to thank the Progress Foundation that gave me the chance to see the world beyond the borders and not least I want to thank the coordinators Iulia Cristina Ciharean and Hangul.

(Julius Russian)

The most beautiful experience we lived so far, with the most beautiful people: Julia Ciharean, Cristina Hanga, Hanga Toader, Mihaela Michelle (mom), Raul Cyprian, Bob Paul (CoolBob - one of the three Pigeons) Andrew (Dodo - first pigeon), Anton Nagy (one of the three Pigeons), Julius Russian Yulia Miches & Light. You guys!!

(Andrada Poenar)

We had so many beautiful things that do not know where to start! On me I was most impressed that I had the opportunity to work with Bolton at Home.A team was a great experience that I always repeat it. I look forward to coming group of British volunteers and they have part of their experience in our city. Progress Foundation Thanks!
(Mihaela Shot)

I would say it was a unique experience, and so I thank them and RV Projects Progress foundations that have made ​​it possible. Also members with whom we have enjoyed. It was a great cultural exchange, which I learned so much about England, the inhabitants of this country and their lifestyle. Recognize as their own would not be able to visit this country again. Congratulations to all! "
(Paul Bob)
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