A Genuine opportunity to build yourself a Better, Brighter future!

Real Vocations

Real Vocations


A new programme specifically aimed at anyone who are unemployed and in receipt of benefits.

Being run from Victoria Hall, Real Vocations will help you bridge the gap between your current situation and finding and securing employment.

Our FREE programe focuses on the real skills needed for employment, and is backed by relevant qualifications. Having fresh, powerful qualifications on your CV shows that you are work ready and commited to getting a job. 

We'll spend time with you helping you produce an excellent up to date CV and work with you on letter writing skills and interview techniques.

We are also commited to helping you improve your Maths and English and achieving a Level 2 Diploma in Employability Skills and Level 2 Maths and English will give you the edge in getting a job.

There is no better way to prepare for employment than being in a working environment, our programme isn't classroom based, we appreciate the skills and experience of the participants  and you will be in a modern conference setting closer to a real work place than a classroom.

So who is this course aimed at? 

Anyone who wants to Requalify and wants to have new qualifications on their CV to wow potential employers.

If you want Redirection, if for example you have taken a career break and are looking to get back into work this course is a fantastic way to re-engage with employers.

Do you want to Re-evaluate? If you want to get into work but need help finding the job that is right for you, RV Projects will help you find the right approach to Job Hunting.

Do you keep applying for jobs but aren't getting past the interview stage? RV Projects will help you prepare for your interview so you can project the right image to an employer.

We can help Reinvigorate your approach to finding a job.  It can be exhausting chasing after a small number of jobs and in a very competitive market place, RV Projects will help re-energise your job hunting.

It is an essential part of your contract with Job Centre Plus that you record your job searches and applications, interviews etc,  RV Projects will spend time with you each day completing your journal and recording your evidence.

The reward - getting a job is a huge achievement and one that should be rewarded,  RV projects wants to work with you in achieving this goal.

We understand that finding a job isn't easy, and getting a job can be a full time job!! It requires dedication, hard work, skills and resources, perhaps even a little bit of luck.  RV Projects can give you the edge and help you reach your goals.

We will meet 10 am to 4 pm each day Monday to Friday and focus on developing your skills and qualifications to help make you as work ready as you can be, we will also help you apply for jobs and help you get experience in the type of work you want to do.  If you have to travel in from outside Barrow we will be able to cover your travel costs.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day, you will need to provide your own lunch.

Join one of our programmes today and work towards a better, brighter tomorrow.

Call Matt on 01229 835 930 or text to 07921 678 524.

Or Facebook Matt RVProjects Goslin