A Genuine opportunity to build yourself a Better, Brighter future!


With the RV standing for Real Volunteers literally allows people, organisations, projects and places to come together in a mutually beneficial way.

Founded in 2008 we run a lot of our own projects and programmes, but find ourselves frequently being contacted by overseas agencies that need a forum for offering EVS Placements, Youth Exchange Programmes or have projects for Teams of Volunteers to tackle both in the UK and in Europe.

Most of our work is done recruiting Teams of people from the UK and preparing them for a 2 week period abroad so they can carry out a project on behalf of a community abroad. Very often it will be an educational or refurbishment project to benefit children in a charity run orphanage or dilapidated school. These projects are supported by Team Leaders and Translators and all the cost is met by RV Projects other than the actual finance for the project itself, this is either obtained by sponsorship from a business in the UK or raised by the Team members themselves.

One of our unique aspects is that the development of the volunteer is crucial to us. A large number of (but not exclusively) our participants are unemployed and are looking for something unique that will set them apart from their competitors in the labour market. We have embraced this and run workshops and provide continuing support for people in gaining sustainable employment. Some of our young people may have never experienced employment but are highly motivated to get work and need something to stand testament to their commitment and ability to send a positive message to potential employers. Others may be looking for a vehicle to spring board into a career change, or have been made redundant and are looking for a retraining and reenergising experience. Through our strengthened relationship with BSCA we have been successful in preparing displaced peoples with the skills they need to enter the labour market in the UK.

A good number of our Volunteers or Team Members may have finished a period of study or are between jobs and are looking to travel and “Give Something Back”.

Whatever your situation we have something suited to you, all of our programmes are supported with Nationally Recognised Qualifications, these we believe give substance to your experience and turn it into a true Personal Development Experience rather than being just a working holiday.

In 2012 we hope to become more responsive to community needs in the UK and embrace the notion of the Big Society, we clearly have the skills and experience to reemploy what we do for our partners abroad and dramatically change the situation of people at home.

Finally we can bring your ideas to life, if you know a few likeminded people with a vision of how to change your local community or know of a project that would improve the lives of people in your community you can contact us and we can help bring your vision to life…..