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Countries we visit


We have been working with Bhagavat Educational Trust in Bulgaria for over 6 years and have undertaken a huge number of projects with them.


The Municipality of the seaside town of Izmit have only been hosting Teams from RV Projects for 12 months but it is incredible how warmly our young people have been received.


We work closely with Satsang Asssociation in Lanckorona (just 40km from Krakow) to provide a truly rejuvenating experience, After a preparation phase in the UK you will travel to and live in the Satsang run by Frans and Renata van de Logt.


The Progress Foundation have a history of hosting groups since 2001 and the Year of Volunteering, Bistria is becoming a very popular destination for our Teams, Bistrita has many small “district” or “community” schools from children up to the age of 11.

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