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The Progress Foundation have a history of hosting groups since 2001 and the Year of Volunteering, Bistria is becoming a very popular destination for our Teams, Bistrita has many small “district” or “community” schools from children up to the age of 11.

The local education authority know how much of a positive impact a bright and stimulating environment can benefit the children. This not only supports a positive learning experience but promotes emotional wellbeing. This leads to us being asked to create large, bright, unique and often breathe taking installations that are designed with contributions of school directors, teachers and our Team Members. Being a strong artist isn’t crucial as we use an interesting Paint and Trace Technique using Laptops and Projectors, these projects have such a high impact and are so absorbing to create that there is never a shortage of schools or volunteers. These projects change the lives of our young people as much as they change the children who enjoy them.

This year we have created artwork throughout Kindergarten Number 11, dramatically changed the school playground at Kindergarten Number 1, Painted incredible pictures on the classroom walls of Number 1 and undertaken a variety of projects at Kindergarten Number 6 one of which was a road safety project so the children can learn about road safety in a safe environment.

The Municipality of Bistrita hosted a Team from West Cumbria this summer, Seton FC played a number of high profile matches against professional and semi-professional teams, coached local teams and prepared themselves for their upcoming season just like a premier league side!!