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Youth exchanges

Youth Exchanges are funded by a variety of organisations with the European Union and can be hosted in any of the E.U. Member Nations.

The partners we currently work with host Youth Exchanges are Austria, Italy and Sweden, however we are keen to expand this list of countries to broaden the scope of the experiences of the participants. I mistakenly believed at the start that this involved young people from one country going to another and then vice versa, although this could happen, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Young people from a variety of countries come together in the host country and “exchange views” on a subject, climate change or the role of the family in modern society, Is social networking making the world lonelier, the host country picks the topic for the conference and it will be something that is of huge importance to the young people of that country and relevant to all young people.

The subject is then debated at great length until an agreed solution is reached, this solution is then lobbied at the Government of that country or the “problem” , “dilemma” or “paradox” faced is brought to the attention of the wider public. It is hoped that a change will result as a consequence of the Exchange that benefits young people in a meaningful way whilst raising much needed publicity. Everyone who has participated in a Youth Exchange has had an enlightening experience and insight into another country and it’s peoples

Check out our You Tube videos below of past events