A Genuine opportunity to build yourself a Better, Brighter future!

What to expect if you're going abroad

You will become part of a team of 10-12 young people from all walks of life.

RV Projects was set up to give teams of 16-30 years olds from the UK volunteering opportunities in Eastern Europe, undertaking these opportunities gives young people the chance to learn new skills to further their own personal, practical and professional development, enhance their education with a nationally recognised qualification, and to be part of a team working together to make a difference to their own lives and those of others

Following preparations in the UK you would fly out to your host country as a team, accompanied by 2 team leaders where you will meet an interpreter who will be with you for the duration of the project.

The project is chosen to meet the ability of the Team, it is designed to be both fun and challenging and of course will provide lasting benefits to you and the host charity.

The course is divided in to 3 phases:

Phases 1: Preparing for the Project:

Activities include weekly meetings, a UK residential to meet the team, take part in team building activities and learn more about the project, the qualification and fundraising. Preparing for your time abroad, learning basic language etc.

Phase 2: The Project:

A 2 week residential project in an Eastern European Country, staying in a 3 * hotel local to the project, and working on a project that inspires you and your team.

Previous projects include renovating schools and orphanages in Bulgaria (take a look at the pictures for a better idea of some of the great things we do!)

At weekends, excursions are organised so you can learn more about the host country, meet it's people and enjoy it's culture. It would be a wasted opportunity to go to an amazing country and not find out about its past, learn about its culture and meet with its people.

Phase 3: Presentation:

A short UK phase to complete the qualification, catch up with your team, prepare and undertake a celebration presentation for families, friends and colleagues , and gain valuable support for your future. The films and presentations in our Gallery have been produced to celebrate what a Team has achieved.